We are the @Team, a volunteer task force of young aspiring aviators joined together with the motto:  “With sustainable collaborations, we explore the future of aviation with the facts and figures of today!’’ Our endeavor was founded as a part of CAN’CA Intellectual Projects by Can Erel.

Genç havacılardan oluşan gönüllü bir görev gücü olan @Team, “… sürdürülebilir işbirlikleri oluşturup, bugünün rakamları ve gerçekleri ile havacılığın geleceğini araştırma” sloganı ile “CAN’CA Entelektüel Projeler” kapsamında Can Erel tarafından oluşturulmuştur.

The @Team underlines that everyone can seek their own future in the skies, with the team profile proving that the aviation industry can appeal to people from all disciplines regardless of their field of training.

@Team, profili ile, eğitim alanı ne olursa olsun havacılık sektörünün her disiplinden insana hitap edebileceğini kanıtlayarak herkesin kendi geleceğini göklerde arayabileceğinin altını çiziyor.

Through business and academic mentorships, and with opportunities in the sector the @Team conducts “Business Cockpit Interviews (BCI)” with decision-makers and senior executives in the aviation industry, both domestic and international.

@Team tarafından, gerektiğinde iş ve akademik mentorlukları ile, ana ürünü olan, uluslararası ve ulusal havacılık sektörü (kokpitindeki) karar vericiler ve/veya üst düzey yöneticiler ile “Business Cockpit Interviews (BCI)” gerçekleştirilmekte ve paylaşılmaktadır.

Overall, the @Team aims to inspire fellow students with ideas that spark motivation and new projects, encouraging creative initiatives and collaborations through an appropriate environment where dreams are free to soar.

Genel olarak @Team, diğer öğrencilere motivasyon ve yeni projeleri ateşleyen fikirlerle ilham vermeyi, hayallerin serbestçe uçabildiği uygun bir ortam aracılığıyla yaratıcı girişimleri ve işbirliklerini teşvik etmeyi amaçlar.


* Conducting interviews in writing with the decision-makers and/or senior executives in the international and domestic aviation industries

* Conducting interviews in writing with the student aviation clubs in schools

* Shares them with the youngsters aviators, business professionals in the aviation ecosystem

* Energizes the younger generation to love aviation through activities that requires close cooperation and innovation

* Contribute in fostering Gender Balance activities in aviation ecosystem


Making the bright blue future in the sky by outstanding achievements visible to a broad public volunteerily..

Enes Kocatopcu – Team Leader

Enes graduated from Eskisehir Technical University, Department of Aviation Management.

During his university education, Enes volunteered for various scientific research teams and student clubs. As a member of the @Team, he continues to further his experience by interviewing top executives in the aviation industry. He is working as Aviation Security Operation & Administrative Officer at Corendon Airlines.

Selin Bahtiyar – Team Member

Selin graduated from Eskisehir Technical University, Department of Aviation Management in June 2022. During her 4-year undergraduate education, she took various courses in aviation and management. After her 3rd year, she completed an internship at the T-38/F-5 Workshop at the 1st Main Jet Base Command of the Turkish Air Force. After her graduation, she completed an internship at the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Department of Aviation Security. In addition, during her undergraduate education, she volunteered with the Eskisehir Technical University Civil Aviation Club, AIESEC, and Sosyal Ben and developed essential non-technical skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication.  She is currently working as an Assistant Supply Chain Specialist at BMH Aviation and Investment.

Gizem Burak – Team Member

Gizem graduated from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Department of Aviation Management in 2022.  She started working as an Operations Officer at Dalaman Airport during her 4th year and continued to work after graduation.  In 2022, a project she was involved in, Urban Air Mobility, was accepted by TUBITAK.  She hs been involved in many volunteering projects and is currently working on a volunteer project in Hungary.  She is interested in music and dance as well.

Nilay İlayda Altay – Team Member

Nilay is in her 4th year at Istanbul Technical University, continuing undergraduate studies in aeronautical engineering.  She has also actively participated in numerous aviation associations and clubs and has taught a wide range of people—from 7 to 70—about aviation. She had the chance to work at the General Presidency – Engineering Department at Turkish Airlines during her final year of study on projects related to Take-Off 101. Currently, she is examining aviation companies from a different angle and speaking with senior executives as part of @Team.

Emre Yıldırım – Team Member

Emre is a business development specialist with an international network, with tender experience in 5 different continents. His key area of professional focus is running Bid and Proposal Processes by observing Strategic Marketing Analyses and Sales Strategies with financial, technical, and reliability aspects of international projects.